Aliens wiped out most of humanity. Remaining humans are trying to survive in the last safe haven. Special squads defend them and roam the outskirts.

Your squad consists of Joie, Keneth, Reid and Sarah each with their own special skillset.




Hey, I am making games. Also I am a freelance game artist, mainly for pixel art. I am studying Illustration at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences with strong focus on game design with Games Marmelade.

I'm experienced in Game Art, Game Design, Game Development, C# Programming, Unity and basically anything else that has to do with games. I am eager to learn new stuff and try to be always up to date in the gaming industry.

You can follow my work here on Twitter.

If you'd like me to make some pixelart for you, don't hesitate to drop me a mail at contact@stevenkaule.com

Vidar State

Coming Soon to itch.io for free.

Arctic Solitude

Play as a little explorer and travel through the arctic area and find its secrets.

Coffin Counseling

Made in a gamejam for Halloween 2016 with @lastStarfarer, @antihelios_, juliusebert and @zerstoerer.

Lord Dracula is depressed and ate his therapist. Now you have to step in and cheer up the inhabitants of his castle as the newly appointed therapist.

Coffin Counseling


A game by @MarcoKehler.

Working on it as main Pixel Artist

Play all kind of different wizards to push back the hordes of enemies through different missions.

Battle Wizard Attack


I've contributed some pixel art to some asset packs, also I'm working on some packs personally, that will show up here sooner or later and most likely in the Unity Asset Store.

Asset by Jordan Robinson. With sprite assets by me.

Asset by Jordan Robinson. With sprite assets by me.


Have a look at the work that I've done.

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